Healthcare is one of the major markets that we service.. We have many years of experience working with Hospitals and the like for both pre Joint Commission and post Joint Commission inspections. Typically, on pre-existing facilities we work on a T&M basis since neither of us know what deficiencies lie ahead and doing a survey would just add to the cost.

We are conscious of hospital etiquette required within the hospital environment. We will work with your infectious disease control liaison to meet all requirements. In addition, we can help you develop an "access penetration permit" if you do not have one in place.

On new construction we will provide the owner with a Firestopping Journal as well as work with them on integrated delivery and clash detection. This is something that is tangible and can be used to keep the facility in compliance.                                                                                                                                                


The mission of Fire Blockers, Inc. is to become the premier provider for firestopping. Fire Blockers, Inc. is dedicated to building long-term relationships with customers through quality training and customer support.

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To offer complete support for all your firestopping needs. Give you satisfaction of knowing that you have and approved system that has been properly installed. Enable you to increase profits by letting us do the installation for you.

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UTSW - New University Hospital
State Farm HQ
T5 Data Center

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Baylor Business School

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Fire Blockers, Inc. is North Texas' premier firestopping company. Firestopping is a passive system (i.e. caulking around pipes that penetrate a wall) that restores the integrity of a fire rated wall or floor and eliminates the...